Thailand it’s a beautiful country with amazing white sand beaches and crystal clear water and where the sun smiles at you almost daily.  When you  prepare for a holiday in Thailand, best is to make some research before you leave to have an idea how the things works there and whatnot.

Here is a list with the most important things you need to know before going to Thailand:

  1. Do not show the soles of your feet. This is considered tremendously rude and unpolite. The reason is totally cultural; Thai people consider the head to be holy and feet to be filthy
  2. No shoes indoors, even in restaurants, shops or massage parlors. This rule doesn’t apply everywhere but in most of indoor places
  3. Starting with 2017 its illegal for venders to rent umbrellas on some particular beaches.
  4. Some beaches does not offer beach chairs but mattresses
  5. To travel from one coast beach to another its much easier and faster to do it by long tail boat. They are lined up on the shore of every beach and sometimes is more cheaper to share a boat than take a tuk-tuk
  6. When you order a dish, rice is not included. You must order it apart and If you don’t mention it, you will not get it, even if the dish must come with rice
  7. There is not hot water in any hotel shower but anyway the cold showering water is not cold, but lukewarm
  8. Everyone smiles at you, so its polite to smile back. Its not for nothing called the Land of Smiles
  9. When you visit a Buddha statue or a temple, as a lady you will get a long skirt to cover your legs.
  10. You will need bugs creams or spray! And sea sick pills if you plan to do island hopping
  11. Every time you will withdraw cash you will pay a fee of 200BHT, approximately 7 euro
  12. A Thai massage costs around 7 euro for a full hour and each masseuse has her own style of massaging

If you want to know more Do’s and don’ts about Thailand let me know in comments below and I will write another article with fresh information

Best beaches of Phuket, Thailand

Not many islands has so many white sand beaches and turquoise waters as Phuket. This 540-square-km island offer fabulous sea views and easy access to some of the world’s finest coasts.

Here is a list with best best beaches in Phuket area:

Patong Beach

With a variety of activities and great nightlife, Patong is with no doubt the most popular beach. Patong beach stretches over 3km of soft sand and clean water. A pretty busy beach best for young people or the ones who doesn’t mind busyness and crazy nightlife.

Karon Beach

On the west coast, Karon beach is extending all the way to Kata beach.  Not so demanding as Patong, Karon beach is for those who are looking for a more family oriented beach. Large beach with small restaurants, fresh shakes stands and plenty beach massage beds, Karon beach deserve a good place on our list.

Kata Beach

Just under Karon beach you will find another large beach with beautiful rocks and corals making it great for snorkeling. Like Karon beach, Kata is more family oriented and great for a quiet day at the beach.

10 things you must know about Thailand beaches

Kata Noi

This is a small bay, white soft sand, separated from Kata by a small coast, is a calm and peaceful place. A enjoyable place for a relaxing snorkel or a dip.

Freedom beach

A secluded white sand, crystal clear water beach, this beach is no.1 in our top preferences beaches from Phuket island. On the west coast of the island, reachable by foot or boat only this small place of paradise is still not well know to tourists. Or maybe its is, but due the difficult way to the beach is mostly avoided so makes it one of the less busiest beach from Phuket. On the beach is located just one restaurant and one shop. Food must be ordered in advance and is served twice per day. Couple of bed massages are also available. Entrance to the beach costs 200BHT/person.


This well-enclosed bay and fishing village, developed fast over the last 5 years, Kamala Beach is best for families and quiet seekers. Great snorkeling opportunities!